At home we share a passion for (comic) books. We already had an e-reader at home, which was widely used. But we didn't have a solution for comic books yet. We could of course download the files on the different devices, but this quickly becomes annoying.

This gave me the idea to create an online platform, where it is possible to read both books and comic books online. This platform also keeps track of the progress of each user, so that you can continue reading anytime, anywhere.



Bookix is ​​a content management application, which deals more specifically with e-books and e-comics. The application allows to appoint an administrator who can then determine the location of the .epub and .cbr files. After this, Bookix performs a scan and the books and comic books are imported into the library.

The books meta information is obtained through the Google Books API. Since a .cbr file is simply a .zip file, the cover can be extracted from the file. After this information is saved, the library is displayed to all users in the database.

Each user is then given the opportunity to read the (comic) books. The server keeps track of the user's progress. This allows the user to continue reading easily and quickly in different places and devices.

While displaying .epub files was trivial with a plugin (, displaying .cbr files was somewhat more difficult. There is no library or plugin that allows the rendering of .cbr files in an HTML / JS environment. The application solves this by creating a temporary folder in which the comics will be extracted. This folder is emptied daily, provided the files are not in use by a current reader.

Technical details
Used languages
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS

Used frameworks
  • Lumen
  • Angular