The subject of my bachelor thesis was "interacting with holograms". After some research, I decided to create an augmented reality in which users can learn the basics of electrical circuits. The software allows to create electrical circuits. To identify a component, a tag is used, as shown in the figure. A hologram of the relevant component is placed on top of this tag. Connection points are also displayed that indicate the poles of the component.

These components can be placed in a circuit and then the circuit can be tested.

Wiring the circuit

The package contains a wiring tool, which is also identified by a tag. This tool is visible in the images below and can be used in two modes. In the left image, the automatic mode is used. It suffices to touch the components in the order that they are to be added to the circuit. After the user has selected the desired components, an electrical circuit is formed by the software.

For the more advanced users there is a manual wiring mode. The user must determine for himself which poles should be connected to each other. It does not automatically generate a circuit, but respects the user's choices. While simulating the circuit, the user can then determine if the circuit is functioning properly.

Automatic wiring
Manual wiring
Configuring the components

The package provides a configuration tool to allow for as many scenarios as possible. This tool is a cylindrical object and can be used to adjust the different values ​​of a component. This can be done by selecting the component with the tool, after which the user is presented with a menu. The photo shows a menu for a lamp, selection made by rotating the tool. By tapping on the top of the tool, the user confirms his choice and then can adjust the corresponding value.

This tool is one of the strengths of the application. This makes it necessary to inform the user of the various parameters in an electrical circuit.


In the video above, an already formed circuit is simulated. After the button is pressed, the lamp will light up. Then the brightness of the lamp is indicated by the color of the light. This gives the user a clear picture of the created circuit.

Technical details
Used languages
  • C#
  • C++
  • Visual Basic

Used frameworks
  • Unity
  • Vuforia

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